1. What is an RFP?
2. How does Agency Geek compare to a traditional RFP?
3. How do Agency Geek’s scientific algorithms work?
4. How do I change my profile and partnership preferences down the line?
5. Can I change my subscription type after I’ve signed up?
6. How do I share my RFP or proposal with my matches?
7. Am I guaranteed to get matches?
8. Do I have to communicate with everyone I’m matched with?
9. Do I have to submit a proposal to - or request a proposal from - everyone I communicate with?
10. When I upload an RFP or proposal, who can see it?
11. Is the work I upload to Agency Geek protected?
12. How do I cancel my account?
13. What happens if I have a negative experience with a business or agency on Agency Geek?
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